FULL SHARE - CSA 26 weeks

FULL SHARE - CSA 26 weeks

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From June 1 to November 23

The Full Share includes 8 to 10 units weekly. A unit is something like one bunch of Bok Choy, or 2# of tomatoes for example. 


 Shares are limited and we encourage early sign ups!


What is a CSA?
CSA stands for community supported agriculture. The community makes a commitment to support their local farmer before the season starts which aids our ability to order materials and plan for the crops ahead. From seeds to rubber bands, your dollars go toward expanding what is possible for the season. We have the ability to plan more precise plantings which ensures all food is accounted for and there is minimal to no waste. 

Distribution will be set up as for a market style CSA [COVID permitting] where you get to select the units that go into your share.  


Why Taliaferro Farms?

A family owned and operated business since 1998, Sylvester & Robin Taliaferro built a steadfast farm community built upon healthy soil, dirty hands, smart work and the genuine desire to share good food with other families. The farm has been grown using organic practices for 24 years. A whopping 4% of the soil is made up of organic matter! Healthy soil means nutrient dense food, which is better for you and keeps longer in the fridge.   


Payment Flexibility:

We believe the cost of our share to be fair and equitable for our labor, however, we believe in food access above all else. Farms exist to feed our community. If these prices are out of your current reach, please send us a note. We can set up a payment schedule in a more manageable way or subsidize part of your share. We do not want the cost to be prohibitive to anyone.

If you can afford to pay more than the price we are asking, your donation will contribute to sharing vegetables to another member’s table.


Look forward to the following items for weekly add-ons:


Flower bouquet 

PYO veg, herbs, berries, flowers

Monthly farm to table dinners